Wedding Music to Complement Your Celebration

After the unforgettable engagement, a flurry of excited messages to friends and family, the requisite Instagram ring selfie, and a few nights basking in your newfound status as a fiancée, the time comes to lay the groundwork for your wedding. Date? Check. Venue? Check. Photographer? Check.

Band or D.J?


The band or D.J debate has been known to plague brides who aren’t sure which will mesh best with their wedding style. Each definitely boasts its own perks and comes with its downsides, but there are a few easy ways to determine which will work best for your special day.

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Brides Choose a Band Because…

A band can provide your wedding with a dynamic, personal atmosphere unique to live performance. The type of band can ultimately dictate the mood of the wedding from upbeat and funky to glamorous and romantic.

If You Want a Band, Consider This…

When a band performance is great, it can make your wedding unforgettable! But when a band underperforms, it can make your wedding unforgettable… just not in the way you want. Booking a band requires a great deal of background research and taking the time to view a live performance to determine if the band meets your expectations. It’s also important to take a look at a band’s repertoire and feel comfortable that they can offer enough variety to please you and your guests. Of course, a band tends to cost more than a D.J, which needs to be taken into consideration as you budget your wedding.

Brides Choose a DJ Because…

Budget-friendly DJs play your favorite artists’ original songs and can play a virtually unlimited selection of music. It’s a simpler process that just requires meeting your potential DJ to ensure his credentials and experience match your expectations. Watching videotapes of his past performances certainly can’t hurt either.

If You Want a DJ, Consider This…

In exchange for a lower cost and larger music selection, you trade out the personality, interaction, and visual focus that a live band offers. It’s also important to confirm the DJ’s sound system so that your wedding music isn’t subjected to unfortunate muffling or static the entire night.

Your music choice boils down to a blend of budget and style. Is huge variety or a charismatic performance more important to you? Do you have a certain spending threshold? Choose your priorities and your music choice will quickly fall into place!

Things to Consider When Planning Your Own Wedding

If you are getting married soon and you are not using a wedding planner then you likely need to know how to plan your own wedding. Here are a couple thing to consider.


One of the first things that you ought to consider when you are planning a wedding is the season of year you want to get married. Knowing this could dictate many different decisions that you have to make. For example, if you are planning to get married in the summer you can get ready for an outdoor wedding. Obviously, if you are intending to get married in the fall or winter an outdoor wedding would not be a possibility.


As expressed before, once you have a feeling that you have a wedding date at the top of the priority list, you can begin to narrow down where you might want to get married. Today, many people are moving away from tradition times where people got married in the church and deciding to be married in different places .Likewise, many people are deciding to get married in the same venue where they are holding the reception. This is awesome for outside town relatives who may lose all sense of direction in travel while in transit to the reception.


What kind of wedding theme would to base your wedding around? Some people choose not to have wedding theme. Having a themed wedding at some point can end up being somewhat pricey. Yet, if you plan appropriately, you can draw off a themed wedding for the same amount as you would spend for a regular wedding. As an example , you could chose roses. You can incorporate them into many parts of your wedding to avoid spending additional amounts of money for custom made things.


This is the most important part of a wedding and the one that the vast majority battle with the most. What amount of money would you say you are going to spend on your wedding? The best idea is to set a budget and adhere to that price regardless! If this implies that you may not get the chance to welcome the same number of people as you would have wished , don’t worry about it. That is entirely okay. Be true to yourself and your circumstance and don’t over spend and place yourself in the poor house. There are many wedding budget tips that you can follow in order to have an astounding wedding at a modest price.

You now know some of the factors to consider when you want to plan for your own wedding. Ideally, these ideas will lead you down the right way and make your wedding planning a little bit simpler.

How to Plan a Wedding Party on a Budget

It is difficult enough to plan a wedding for a friend. There is so much involved with planning, decorating, food, and all the other aspects of a wedding celebration that need to be addressed, that a wedding planner could almost collapse from all of the effort.

It is, however, exponentially more difficult to plan a wedding on a tight budget. Wedding parties are known to be extravagant events – something that will be memorable for the bride, the groom, family members, and all the guests for years and years. Without the money to pour into creating the ultimate wedding party, this can seem like an impossible task.

Luckily, thanks to the Internet, decorations for wedding parties can be found for cheap. So the key to decorating a wedding party is one thing: Quantity.

No matter how little an item costs, the more you buy of it to decorate the wedding party, the more it will appear that you truly went all out on the decorations. Streamers should be everywhere, as should banners and wedding ornaments. The more you decorate the party hall, the more it will feel like the celebration you were hoping to achieve.

Party favors are also a great way to ensure the guests have a good time. Party favors these days are becoming more and more inexpensive, so just like with decorations, quantity is important. Try to look for humorous party favors especially as these can be both fun for the attendees and hilarious to the wedded couple as they create long lasting memories while their friends joke around with the trinkets.

Dancing is clearly the activity of choice at a wedding party, as this traditional means of celebration is fun for everyone. However, you want to make sure that even the people that are not participating are having a good time.

A popular tradition these days is to place several anonymous advice cards on each table with multiple pens available, and as the wedding party progresses, people will fill out these advice cards with either emotional, meaningful or amusing pieces of advice for the bride and groom. Then, collect the cards in a giant container and hand the container to the wedded couple after the party is over. The guests will have a great time filling out the cards and joking with one another over their content, and the bride and groom will equally enjoy the hours they will spend reading over the anonymous pieces of advice from their friends while attempting to figure out which of their guests wrote it.

Nowadays, party planning on a budget has become a much simpler task. If you are planning a wedding, consider these tips as an effective way to plan a successful wedding party.